Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website for Skipton Masjid which is a masjid spread over three traditional yorkshire terraced houses. Over a period of 30 years we have seen our community grow from a handful of individuals to hundreds whilst embracing the culture and character of Yorkshire. 

Our sense of purpose and direction is driven by our vision statement 'Skipton Masjid is a place for nurturing and developing the community'. We see the community as encompassing people of all faiths and backgrounds and as we grow we hope to foster stronger links and bonds with everyone within the community. Over time by building strong community relationships and creating an environment where young people can become the best they can aspire towards, we hope to embody the Skipton Crest -


INDUSTRIA ET SPE' - Labour and hope - to us this means that if you strive hard towards a good communal goal then there is only good hope for the future.